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Our presence in the world:

Our extensive experience in automating workflows and complex implementations across various business sectors has enabled us to reach different parts of the world. We help our clients achieve their business goals and objectivesby collaborating with ServiceNow to implement strategies.

Case studies

We have delivered modern customer experiences, including to the following:


Payment Processing Subsidiary


The Payment Processing Subsidiary previously had a ticketing system that did not allow for an auditable trace and limited the growth factor of processes, integration of areas, and consolidation of information. Some of the organization’s processes were located in isolated or departmental tools, which created scenarios that resulted inlonger response times for delivering the final service.


Financial entity


The financial entity had management processes for its projects, but some of them were isolated into departmentsthat required input from one another. Project management was conducted using traditional tools like MicrosoftProject and some internal tools.

CSM y WhatsApp

State Commission for Drinking Water and Sewerage

Washing hands
WhatsApp messages in 6 months.

The State Commission for Drinking Water and Sewerage successfully processed 1,000,000 WhatsApp messages in 6 months. The main challenge of the water project was to increase its service capacity and improve the citizen’s experience.

What our customers are saying


"As a business ally NeoAdditon has supported us in all the strategies that we have considered with our clients, we have managed to position ourselves in Central America as specialists in the ServiceNow platform."


"Neoaddition turned out to be a provider with great capacity in the implementation of solutions on the ServiceNow platform, which allowed us to offer our clients in the USA and Europe quality professional services, with deliverables on time and according to the established work plans."


"NeoAddition helped us throughout the migration process from our previous management tool to ServiceNow. They accompanied us from consulting, implementation and release to production, an outstanding attitude in the sense of customer service."


"NeoAddition is a key business partner in the development of projects on the ServiceNow platform, it has contributed to several projects within the organization, with outstanding professionalism and a service attitude in the implementation of ITBM in 2019." SANTANDER TECHNOLOGY MEXICO


"We have received very good service from NeoAddition, they have helped us understand/implement business needs on the ServiceNow platform, always aligned with the global governance established by the company."


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