Cyber Security Assessment

Virtual CISO

CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)


Raise awareness to your work team about your company's cybersecurity and the procedures to follow in case of attacks.

It is very important to have good protection on your computer nowadays. Cybersecurity measures protect computer systems, networks and software from threats and online attacks. This is very important for individuals and businesses because it stops people getting onto your computer without permission and stealing important information. Cybersecurity is the first line of protection against cyber threats and needs to be good enough to prevent any bad people from attacking your computer and causing problems.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Review of the design and implementation of the security controls defined in the Cyber Security Framework of NIST.

Identification of the current maturity level of the organization’s Cyber Security.

CiberSec Checkup

Assessment of capabilities in Identification, Protection, Detection, Response, and Recovery against the main threats:

1. DDOS (Denial of Service Attacks)
2. Ransomware/Malware
3. Information Leakage
4. Social Engineering
5. Exploitation of vulnerabilities
6. Identity theft.



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Certificates of security
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Hours worked

Learn about our methodology in Ciber Checkup

Analysis of information that will be requested in an initial requirement, in order to have a general context of the organization.

Scheduling video conferencing meetings to complement the understanding of the IT environment, business model and the operation of services offered to clients. The main areas involved are development, infrastructure, IT support, operations, supplier management, legal, human resources, and PMO.

Evaluation of information and evidence provided, aligned with the NIST reference framework.
Review of applicable regulations. Identification of necessary control requirements for the organization and applicable risks for each area.
Definition of project roadmap and recommendations. Documentation and presentation of results.

Vulnerability analysis

The message is about vulnerability analysis at different layers of an organization’s infrastructure, such as servers, internal and internet-exposed applications, and wireless/local networks.

The analysis aims to generate a report that identifies findings prioritized by level of risk based on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). Additionally, the report offers recommendations to address these findings, and if required, can provide assistance with remediation.

What are penetration tests (pen tests)?

Penetration tests (also known as “pen testing”) are a practice for testing a computer system, network, or web application to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. Penetration tests can be automated with software applications or done manually.

Either way, the process involves gathering information about the target before the test (reconnaissance), identifying possible entry points, attempts to enter (either virtually or in real life), and reporting the results.

Pruebas de Pentest

From the perspective of an external attacker to the organization that does not have detailed information about the systems (configurations, users, profiles).
The attack is replicated from the stage of a malicious internal user who has access to the organization's resources and seeks to carry out malicious activities.
Techniques are executed for the exploitation of application vulnerabilities based on OWASP: Injection, Broken Authentication, Known Vulnerabilities, Insecure Deserialization, Cross Site Scripting, Sensitive Data Exposure, Broken Access Control, etc. A report is generated with the identification of findings prioritized by risk level, based on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System or CVSS.

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