Applications development


We develop for desktop and mobile environments, getting the most out of the best technologies available.

Agility is one of our characteristics, directly related to the “time to market” of the resulting product, with the advantages that this implies for our clients. Our environment, ensuring that it is efficient and that it covers the specific needs of the organization thanks to our discovery workshops prior to execution.


We execute our developments from a quick deliverables perspective that allow a quick and viable production output (MVP). Therefore, our work method is based on Agile Scrum.

We provide each client with access to a control platform that allows them to see the work in progress, the pending and the backlog that is maintained for their product, with the progress reported online for each project.

All our projects have a prior discovery phase, a period of analysis and design, with the participation of all the team involved and specialists, from which a detailed description of the work to be carried out in times and scope results with risk planning and plans. of mitigation. All this makes it possible to guarantee a high understanding of the product and deliverable from the beginning.

Thanks to our adaptability, we can operate under the traditional Waterfall methodology for defined scopes, also counting on the platform modality to monitor this type of execution.

Technical characteristics

Clean and reliable code:

Thanks to quality teams, development execution with clean and stable codes is guaranteed.


Our developments focus on the current diversity of the market and deployment, so they are executed under the premise of operation on any platform, applicable to operate with proprietary or free license databases.


The importance of operating from anywhere is one of the premises for our developments, which is why they are executed to make them available on any type of device (PC, Mobile or tablet) according to the requirements of each organization.

Ease of integration:

Taking into account that the data or processes are executed better by specialization, we carry out our developments in such a way that they have simple integration points that allow the reception and delivery of data to satellite or complementary systems, giving advantages to our clients to strengthen their processes and systems.

Deployment Modalities

  • On Premise: Infrastructure and maintenance under the customer’s jurisdiction
  • Cloud: Possibility for the client to choose the cloud in which we will host their development.

In both cases, the client can decide if we do the maintenance and evolution of the software, it is done in an integrated mode (mixed client-neo teams) or the client takes over this activity completely once the sw is deployed.

All our deliveries have a post-release support period and the Neo quality guarantee.

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