ServiceNow Impact:

Customize your digital transformation journey on the Now Platform® and accelerate your time to value.

ServiceNow Impact™ helps you realize faster business value with proactive insights, prescriptive guidance, personalized training and recommendations, and world-class tools and support.

ServiceNow Premier Partners:

ServiceNow Premier Partners

NeoAddition allows you to make the world work much better regardless of the circumstances, thanks to the fact that we work and implement from the ServiceNow management platform. For one, employees are more productive no matter where they are, and your customers can get what they want, when they need it.

Just what you need now in the “New Normal post COVID-19”. We call this Workflow Digitization with ServiceNow.

IT development that impacts all departments of the organization.

We work well with the existing software.

ITSM integrates seamlessly with remote assistance products, authentication software, and productivity tools.

Accelerate your results and get competitive returns!

  • Align strategy and execution to achieve business results faster.
  • Increase the strength and experience of your ServiceNow bank
  • Closing the innovation and value gap
  • Connect people and technology across your business
  • Deliver modern consumer-grade experiences
  • Accelerate time to value and innovation

Increase customer satisfaction and employee engagement by 20% by prioritizing the experience with ServiceNow

    1. Drive customer satisfaction and loyalty with unified web, mobile, and conversational experiences.
    2. Increase employee productivity and engagement through experiences that are as easy and intuitive as common consumer apps.
    3. Work smart and fast with native, purpose-built AI and analytics in any app.


Implementation of Business Solutions

CSM (Virtual Agent):

Improve service operations and attract your customers. Automate requests, proactively address issues, and deliver seamless experiences. Smooth customer service!


We accompany you at every moment of the project, we provide you with monthly government reports with recommendations and actions to guarantee 100% correct functionality of the platform.


Predict trouble! Avoid reactive IT operations with insights and automation. Identify anomalies and fix problems before they happen with cross-team automation workflows.


Drive value with new initiatives and make change happen faster across the business. Plan, prioritize and track work in line with your business objectives. Get visibility into the investment portfolio and business strategies for better results.


Future-proof your IT with a single cloud platform. Deliver ITSM on a single platform, use the most innovative ITSM solution to deliver resilient services that increase productivity and deliver great experiences to employees wherever they work.


Say hello to a secure digital transformation. Achieve operational agility and anticipate vulnerabilities while accelerating response times.

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