BUSINESS CASE - Subsidiary of payment processes

ITSM and CSM Implementation

January 2021


Successful implementation of more than 140 services and automated workflows within the company.


Resources from 4 countries operating on the platform


Continuous integration! Successful integration of 13 departments and their processes in a single platform.


  • Case Management
  • CSM Virtual Agent
  • Account Management
  • Request Management
  • Third party integrations
  • Agile Management
  • Agent Workspace
  • Financial Management
  • ITSM Analytics and Reporting Solutions
  • CMDB

Need and Scope.

The Subsidiary had a ticketing system that did not allow them to have an auditable trace and limited the growth factor of processes, integration of areas and consolidation of information.

Some of the organization’s processes resided in isolated or departmental tools, which configured some scenarios that established a longer response time for the delivery of the final service.

As a high-growth company, the subsidiary needed to open more customer service channels, which required a platform with omnichannel and multichannel capabilities.

Achievements and results

The mapping of all the business processes of the subsidiary was carried out, generating an approval of some of them, resulting in the integration of 13 departments and all their processes to the platform with the automation of their activities and generating all the auditable trace of the same

With CSM and ITSM PA solutions, it allowed the organization to have an online overview of the entire operation that is maintained at a given point in time and some predictive trends.

The Agent Workspace allows agents to have the visualization in a single interface of the entire client file, in such a way that it facilitates the attention of each business by having its complete data while interacting with it.

The critical mission process of customer acquisition (Onboarding) has been automated in the assignment of resolution groups, enabling the staff to facilitate the growth of the customer portfolio while maintaining the entire process of validation and registration of a new customer in a single interface.

The platform’s versatility allowed the organization’s SDLC solution to be integrated bidirectionally with ServiceNow so that the product development and delivery cycle was not affected, but it did consolidate information on a platform and allowed defect management or incidents from an external party, adding this to the SW life cycle.

A synchrony of the main data of the clients is maintained with ServiceNow, so that the time in which a client does not exist in both systems is minimal, which allows a better after-sales service for the client.

Automation of access to customer prospects is generated, so that each prospect at the time of registration automatically receives their credentials to access a portal where they can observe the process and progress of their registration, as well as communicate with the organization, Service Portal for prospects.

In summary, there is now a platform that allows auditable traceability of all processes, provides visibility of all and ease of decision-making based on data poured into it. Facilitating the operation of more than 3.5 thousand collaborators and more than 70 thousand clients.

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