BUSINESS CASE - State Commission for Drinking Water and Sewerage

Implementation CSM and WhatsApp

January 2022


Automated attention flows by whatsapp


Business processes built on the platform


Integrations with internal fleet systems.

Integration with 2 simultaneous messaging platforms (twilio and Calixta)

WhatsApp messages processed in 6 months.


  • SAP 
  • CSM
  • WhatsApp

Our Challenge:

The main challenge of the state water project was to increase its service capacity and improve the citizen’s experience. The implementation of a multi-channel platform was defined that would allow them to

carry out various procedures in an agile and simple way, without having to go to the site and also provide visibility and traceability throughout the process.

What were we looking for? Provide them with a robust and comprehensive platform, focused on automatically resolving the most recurring procedures among citizens.

What should I allow? Bring the management and automation of the day-to-day requirements made by citizens to the areas of customer service, readings, help desk and even those internal to the IT area, also integrating with two of its central applications , SAP and AQUACIS.

Requests had to be made easily by all available means (web and mobile app) of the platform, as well as WhatsApp (meta) and SMS messaging services.

Our advantages?

Improvement in the perception of the service.

Generation of reports for executive analysis.

Improved decision making

Automate balance inquiry processes among other services.

Improvement in the work experience of collaborators.

Increased attention span.


ServiceNow CSM, twilio and meta (WhatsApp) were integrated to generate a chatbot with menus to automate customer procedures.

Satisfaction surveys were enabled to be sent to customers each time a procedure was completed.

A service portal was enabled by implementing the ServiceNow ITSM module for the management and monitoring of requirements between internal areas.

Dashboards were enabled for tracking and monitoring of KPI’s.

Delivering modern customer experiences.

Delivering modern customer experiences.

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