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IT Workflows


Security Operations

Quickly identify, prioritize, and fix changes that affect security and risk performance. Connect your existing security tools with Security Operations to prioritize, respond to incidents and vulnerabilities according to their potential impact on your company.

Easily transfer tasks between IT and security teams and the enterprise with a single platform while monitoring security with dashboards and role-based reporting to improve the view of your security and team performance.

Integrated modules

Goverment, Risk and Compliance

Incorporate risk management into compliance activities and smart automation of your digital business processes to continuously monitor and prioritize risk.

Manage your business risk with real-time dashboard monitoring of high-risk areas, defaults, supplier statuses, and significant audit findings.

At NeoAddition we work alongside ServiceNow to take you step-by-step in implementing risk management, compliance activities and smart automation of your digital business processes to get all the benefits of continuous risk monitoring and prioritization.

Integrated modules

Customer service

Integrated modules

Customer Service Management

Go beyond traditional CRM with the ServiceNow platform, create an outline and flow from problem to resolution. Solve problems with training and AI-powered self-service.

NeoAddition helps you identify and address problems to automate processes in all departments and resolve problems faster, giving your team full visibility in an intuitive workspace from anywhere.

Human Resources

HR Service Delivery

Proper management of human resources is synonymous with better productivity.

With the HR Service Delivery tool that ServiceNow has for you, you can use fewer resources to serve more employees and minimize repetitive tasks.

At NeoAddition we understand the importance of having documented processes that detail the workflows of your company, our team will help you document them under international standards to later implement them in the tool and thus automate your company’s workflows together with your KPIs in time real of how your company is operating.

Integrated modules

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