BUSINESS CASE – State Commission for Drinking Water and Sewerage Implementation CSM and WhatsApp January 2022 9 Automated attention flows by whatsapp 4 Business processes built on the platform 3 Integrations with internal fleet systems. Integration with 2 simultaneous messaging platforms (twilio and Calixta) 0 WhatsApp messages processed in 6 months. IMPLEMENTED PRODUCTS SAP  AQUACIS […]


BUSINESS CASE – Subsidiary of payment processes ITSM and CSM Implementation January 2021 +140 Successful implementation of more than 140 services and automated workflows within the company. 4 Resources from 4 countries operating on the platform 13 Continuous integration! Successful integration of 13 departments and their processes in a single platform. IMPLEMENTED PRODUCTS Case Management […]


BUSINESS CASE – Financial entity ITBM implementation and custom apps  January 2021 40% 40% increase in resource management improvement! 6 Integration and automation of 6 personalized attention portals 13 new initiatives! Increase in initiatives to migrate applications to ServiceNow IMPLEMENTED PRODUCTS Expense Line Custom Apps Third party integrations Request Management CMDB SPM Analytics and Reporting […]

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